Nork Weapons Information :

Thanks to Jinx's Drakkar Page

weapon class/
skill type
Image description additonal info special attributes
axe Enormous blood stained double-bladed axe with silver dipped blades from frore or prison mino (quest item for +4 silver hally) +3, evil aligned
from mino guards on KM-5 +4, silver, glows, returning
from king mino on KM-5 (quest item for attack sash) +6, retuning, silver
a steel great-axe with a wooden shaft from rb mino on n-3.5, quest item for ratburrow sash +1
a steel axe with a wooden shaft from darkguards on n-3.5, quest item for ratburrow sash +1
short sword iron shortsword everywhere -
2-handed Long wooden pole with a double blade near the top from mealing shops -
from Ogre lords on m-2 and mealing surface +4
greatsword from mummy king on -3 +2, glowing
down from n-4 -
nodachi - -
Excalibur : A shining steel greatsword with a hilt sewn from golden thread quest item (traded for wardens hearts from n-10) +6, Paladin only, on contact earthcrush

doesn't really glow
meteoric slicer greatsword found on slicer on n-7 +3, proning, glowing

doesn't really glow
meteoric slicer longsword found on slicer on n-7 +4, proning, glowing
saber you'll need to trade uthers sword for this +6, silver, glowing
Iron broadsword found on gnolls in fate pools +4
Iron longsord found everywhere, in nork shops (+1 can be found in the yeti caves)
Griffon sword found on griffons +3,silver,glowing, good aligned
Hardened steel longsword with 3 circular gems set in the hilt found in shops in VT +2
A dark crystalline broadsword with a blood stained leather grip From Uther in Frore, Quest itel +5, Glowing, Evil aligned
Wooden longbow found everywhere, in nork shops (+1 can be found in the yeti caves)
Ornately carved composite silver longbow string with a silvery cord quest item, griffy feathers is traded for this +3
from the fisheries +4
from KM-4 +6, proning
from KM-5 +6, proning, glowing
Wooden shortbow found everywhere, in nork shops (+1 can be found in the yeti caves)
Poison shortbow quest item +3, glowing, lv 6 poison, neutral aligned
Heavy Crossbow Obtained from champions on N 3.5 Thief only proning and unenchanted, Some say this hits harder than +4 silver bow
wooden crossbow quest item, found on mummy king on n-3 +2, glowing
everywhere (+1 can be found in the yeti caves)
from Evil nork (Erodian) +4, glowing, neutral aligned
hally Heavy wooden pole with a long thin blade near the top from nork shops -
from ratburrow shop silver
quest item,mino axe is traded for this +4, silver, glowing, proning
from hally giant +5, silver, glowing, proning
from fire giant +6, silver, glowing, proning
strenght hally quest item, you'll have to trade a mino blood and a 6ounce root for this +2 strengh, +5, silver, proning, Barb only
clubs/ hammers A massive wooden club, soiled with blood and pieces of dried flesh from ogrelord on -3.5 lv 9 push
from yeti's on icefloes in frore +3, glowing
Steel throwing hammer with blazing straks along the side. quest item, trade a BNR for it in mealing +4, lv 5 lightning, Good aligned
iron hammer from nork -
from the fisheries +3
heavy iron hammer with a three foot stock from VT shop +2
Large warhammer with intricate writing on it's smooth top - -
Footman's mace - +3, glowing
Horseman's mace - ranging from +1 to +3
staff long oaken staff with large strips enbadded near the end found in VT shops +2
gnoll spear From nork -8 +5, lvl 35-45 blast
elemental spear from the Fire Plains +4
kobolt staff found in fisheries +3, glowing
wooden staff everywhere -
slith healer staff traded for Slith's eye (tan a slith) +4 wisdom
chipper mentalist staff found on chupida (also named chipper) +6, sucks hits, proning, +2 lv's ment skill
daggers Long steel dagger with small white doves engraved along the hilt found on bullywogs +3, returning
found on Kaxmaxmillion in the Funhouse +5
steel dagger everywhere -
silver dagger with a small blood groove from thief shop in nork +2, silver
Small steel bladed tanto from mealing -
from stunner on m-4 lv 5 lightning, neutral aligned, glowing
stiletto from Breshard +6 glowing, lv 30 poison, returning & silver
darts An amazingly light, perfectly balanced throwing dart found on darkdwellers -
found at frore sellers +2, glowing, lv 10 lightning (activated when thrown)
wooden bolt found on n-7 or lich lair, quest item for dancers -
ivory arrow found in haunted area on n-5, use to trade for the Roc lair for the Pbow quest, also used to give to the dog in the funhouse